Send/receive NFTs.
Swap tokens.
Add liquidity.
Across any blockchain.
From one universal wallet.
Domains are the standard for web server naming.
Linux is the standard for server-side environments.
In today's world, Ethereum addresses are different than Solana, which are different than Bitcoin, which are different than Cardano, etc.
Blockchain wallets need standardization.
The UPAP protocol is fully decentralized, requires no bridges, no oracles, and costs next to nothing.
The UPAP wallet integrates with any blockchain that uses an ECDSA key pair like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Wax, Algorand, and all others.
Simply import a mnemonic code from your favorite wallet and it will render a universal wallet address unlocking all protocols representing any blockchain.
One wallet.
Any blockchain.
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